AikiBujutsu AikiBudo

AikiBudo, Sekai Sokeshi Luis Alba, Hanshi.


                                                                            AikiJinja                                                                                                                                                      It was the year Nineteen Forty Two. When air raids carried out by the American bombers, caused devastation to Japans mayor cities. There was barely any live left in Tokyo. O'Sensei's health began to deteriorate, and many other factors as well would lead him towards his next decision, to leave Tokyo.

Deciding to preserve the Great Spirit of Budo, and the Art he'd created for all future generations. Kisshomaru, would stay in Wakamatsu Cho. With the others in charge of Kobukan. Still just a student of Budo, and Waseda University. 

O'Sensei, was troubled, seeing that his ideals were far from the World's Views, of State, and Relations. It didn't take long before all the killings made him sick both physically, and emotionally.

"More and more people are getting reckless in the Military. They discriminate with power, and forget the importance of relieving all the suffering, by helping the people.                          

Bunch of Fools! they walk about displaying violence. Narrow mindness, and the destruction towards life. What idiots to go against the will of Kami (God).

Budo is the Path, which puts new life back into the Original Universal Life Force, which Births All. In true Budo, Harmony, Love, and Courtesy are of high importance. 

But the young people in power today only want to play with their weapons. They misrepresent Budo, and use it as a tool for their own power. Creating struggle, violence, and destruction. They want to use me towards the end. 

I'm tiered of this stupidity, I have no intention of becoming a tool, I have no other choice but to leave, Tokyo".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba.

It was the year Nineteen Forty Two. When O'Sensei, declined all Military positions. He would retire and move to Iwama. Once there he would be able to dedicate, his all into his passion of Agriculture, the Arts, and the unity between Budo, Nature, and the Universe. He'd prepared for the construction of his new home.

Accompanied by his wife Hatsu. They went to a small cabin in the forest, at the town of Iwama, in Ibaraki Prefecture. Clearing the land for cultivation. O'Sensei begun the construction of an open air Dojo. This room of Birth would be called Ubuja, the interior Sanctuary of AikiBudo.

In the Shrine there are 43 Devine Deities, Guardians of Budo. O'Sensei, himself made the layouts according to the principles of the Kototama. The main Building, Prayer room, Tori, and it's design are all in accordance with the Three Laws of Universal Principles. The Triangle, Circle, and Square.

"United all in Harmony the Triangle, Circle , and Square, rotate as a Sphere. This perfect state of Clarity is the Base Foundation of all Budo".                                                                                                                         O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba.

All the details of the Shrine were completed in Nineteen Forty Five. Just before the End of the War. The AikiJinja, would serve as a Spiritual retreat. O'Sensei, held strong to his believes. Teaching only those whom listen.

During the war Kisshomaru, fought hard to conserve the Kobukan. Even though the massive bombings in Tokyo, were hard on the students of Waseda University.                      The Dojo was Prosperous.

"At first Military Chiefs, and First Ministers. Would search far, and beyond for O'Sensei's advice. It did'nt take long for all the killings to stop".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            L.A.



                                                                           O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba. Morihiro Saito, as Uke.