AikiBujutsu AikiBudo

AikiBudo, Sekai Sokeshi Luis Alba, Hanshi.


                                                                                                                               Bujutsu                                                                                                                                                                                            In terms passed down, through out the Centuries.  On pages of books hidden, from the view of ordinary people. Known as the Black Knights, of the Old Days. Though, they did not believe in magic themselves. These Ghosts were known to perform what seemed to be Magical feats. These Knights of the Dark Shadows were known as, Ninja. Masters, of the Arts of Stealth. For some it became a Way of Life, for other’s a Religious Path. They were known as Professional Assassins, by the historians, of Feudal Japan. There’s only two types of  Ninja. Those whom are known to be ninja are merely pretenders. Those whom are  of true Ninja creed, are never known. This itself struck horror to those whom barely whispered, of their existence. Theirs Ways, was that of a Mystique that few dared seek. In such group, there are no weak. So this was the story once told to me;

                                                "In the old days, there was a time in Japan.                                                            When people returned from China back to the Island,                                                          after Three Hundred Years of existence.
                                        Looked upon as a strange group of men and women.
                                                                   Always dressed in black.                                                                                                      Such was the nature of their clothing,                                                   that not even their feet nor faces could be distinguished.                 
                                                 The softest of black felt, cushioned their steps.                                                                      As the sound of a  black panther, when stalking its prey.
                                                                  They knew of many things.                                                                                          Walking in silence, and living at night was their way.                                                                        Friends, had they none.                                                                                      
Fear from all had they won, due to the old tales of centuries past.                                            That were anything but just the average stories of man.                                                       Theirs ways, of a Mystique, few dared seek.
                                                             In such group, there are no weak".






                                                                                                                                                              Kyu Do.