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Onisaburo Deguchi

                                                                                                                    Onisaburo Deguchi                                                                                                                                 On O'Sensei's, return home he was informed that the Leader of the Omoto Kyo lived in Ayabe, famous for his Chinkon Kishin. The Techniques of Meditation, which Calms the Spirit, returning it towards it's Divine Nature. This is the Way of Communicating with the One Kami, through Deep Concentration. This Spiritual Teacher of the Guiding Light, Omoto Kyo. Was located in their Headquarters, which are in the center of Ayabe, near Kyoto. In hope of a Miracle, O'Sensei went seeking Prayer's for his Father's recovery.

Meditating in the Shrine, in deep prayer for his Father, he opened his eyes. Onisaburo Deguchi, stood dressed in white Kimono. O'Sensei, with respect asked for prayer's, to alleviate his father's critical condition.

It was in December twenty eight, of nineteen nineteen. When O'Sensei, asked Onisaburo if he'd accompany him to Tanabe. At which he replied "Morihei, your father is well as he is". These words shocked him, hurrying to be at his father's side, this meeting indeed left a lasting impression on Morihei. But upon his return Yoroku had already passed on, at the age of Seventy six. January two, nineteen twenty.

Lost in sorrow, and emotions. O'Sensei, spent his time in prayer and deep meditation. His thoughts would return him to Deguchi's kindness, and his unique approach towards the Traditional Teachings of the Spirit. Soon he decided to relocate with his family in Ayabe, seeking inner peace, and a religious life. It was in this same year when Morihei, bought a home in Ayabe. Behind an Elementary School, in the Second District of the Omoto Kyo.

Deguchi, Respected and Loved O'Sensei. Investing him with much responsibility and authority. Deguchi told him "You should make Budo your Life. You have the Strength to move Mountains, Do It". 

The Nature and Depth, of Onisaburo's Teachings, Transformed O'Sensei's Spiritual Believes, serving as the Basics of the Ethical Vision, which would infuse significantly the development of what would later be called Aikido. It was during this eight year period that he felt Blessed, full of joy, with the complete trust of the Omoto, by taking up mayor rolls, in their Spiritual Rituals.

Onisaburo, quickly recognized O'Sensei's out standing abilities. Encouraging his training as an Artist. Asking Morihei, to teach members of the Omoto Kyo. Acting on his advise O'Sensei, opened the Uyeshiba Yuku. Posing for a picture by his Katana's, in Nineteen Twenty.

Uyeshiba Yuku, was more of an Introduction, to the Arts of Japan, and Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. Training was mostly Based on the Ascetic Practices of the Mountains, which took place at his home, a Dojo of Eighteen Tatami. He taught to those, of the Omoto Kyo.

O'Sensei, cleared and cultivated a land near the Main Hall of the Omoto Kyo. Living a Self Sufficient Life, of a Farmer. Which lead putting into practice his ideas of the Tele Essential Unity between Budo, and Farming. The Kototama, would become it's Spiritual Study. The Functions of Universal Vibration and Sound, became the main aspect in the search for the True Spirit of Budo. Gradually Morihei, began to bring fourth the Unification of Spirit, Mind and Body.

He continued to work in the Organic Plant, near the Corporal Omoto Kyo. During all his Life he was Passionate, when it came to the Arts and Agriculture. Believing, that there's a Special Uniqueness that's found in Budo and Agriculture. These two activities Nurture Life. Stimulating, a Way of Life, that's Clean, Full of Elevated Thoughts.

It took only a year for the Teachings of the Uyeshiba Yuku, to be Studied in Depth. The voice spread amongst the people, of the existence, of an Exceptional Master in Ayabe. The number of non Omoto Kyo members in listing was great. The Uyeshiba Yuku, began to grow. Many Marines, of the near Naval Base in Maizuru too trained there.

On February eleven, nineteen twenty one. With out notice authorities fell upon the Omoto Kyo. This became know as the first Omoto incident. A lot of people including Onisaburo were arrested. Fortunately this did not affect the Uyeshiba Yuku.

It was also in nineteen twenty one. His first year in Ayabe, once more would his heart be troubled, his two sons became ill. In August of nineteen twenty one Takemori Uyeshiba, of only three years of age passed on. In September of this same year his second son Kuniharu Uyeshiba, of a year old. This too was the year of Kisshomaru's birth.

During the next two years Morihei, helped Onisaburo as much possible. Whom was left free after paying bail. Together, they began the reconstruction of the Omoto Kyo. O'Sensei, took upon the responsibility of administration, with close to nine hundred Tsubo in the land of Tennodaira.

Working the land as he sought he'd realized that as days went by, that Believe of the Essential Unity, between the Arts and agriculture, drew close to his heart. A feeling lasting with him, through out his life. By this period in time, O'Sensei's practice took an ultimate turn, towards a character Full of Spirit.

Seeing himself, constantly Enlightened through the Kototama. He'd slowly depart from the Traditional Yagyu Ryu, and Daito Ryu Jujutsu that he'd known.

Kototama, was the Key aspect in his search for the True Spirit of Budo. So he began to bring about the Unification of Spirit, Mind and Body. 

In nineteen twenty two Sokaku, arrived with his family, for a half year stay in Ayabe at O'Sensei's home. Teaching both O'Sensei, and those of the Omoto Kyo. Though his stay was short, and study unique. Onisaburo, disapproved of his stay.

Sokaku, awarded O'Sensei, Kyoju Dairi. In which he also agreed to pay Takeda, for each new student of Daito Ryu AikiJujitsu. Still Onisaburo, disapproved of his stay, and so Sokaku, departed from Ayabe.  


                                                                                                                                Onisaburo Deguchi.