AikiBujutsu AikiBudo

AikiBudo, Sekai Sokeshi Luis Alba, Hanshi.


                                                                                      Spiritual Roots of AikiBudo, Shinto.                                                                                             "A primitive culture dating back to the beginning of time where life's values are admired from the smallest of plants to the Teaching of the Heavens".                                                                                                                                                                                                          L.A.


Shinto Tells of an age long before Dawn. Humans were one with Universal law, and possessed the consciousness of God.                                                                                                     

This age was known as Kannagara, the Flow of Divine Consciouness, Pure, and untouched by Nationality or Theory. In such consciousness there was no question of Divinity. One's own existence is proof of Divine Nature. Kannagara No Michi, is such history of consciousnes manifesting itself through the evolution of the human mind. The attitude of Human Beings had two aspects:

                 Itsugi, being one with the Dimensions of Universal Spirit.                                                  Totsugi, the creation of Human society according to the Eight Powers of Yin                  and Yang.  Both existing within Nakayama, the present moment.

Kannagara No Michi, is the Life Force evolving it's own infinite potential.                          

Like the world of a small child, embracing everything. Existing only as the present moment here and now.

"In the age of the God's, human beings were at one with the Universe. They were Ara Kito Gami, Man God's. In those times they were aware of their Nature as the Divine Spirits, of the One Great Universal Spirit".                                                                                                                                      O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba

                                                                                                                                                                              In early centuries the Japanese faith in Kami came to be known as Shinto, the Way of the God's. The Japanese reading of the Chinese word Shin is Kami, they both mean God. But differ from the word God found in western religions. 

                      Ka, means Fire. The Energy of Spiritualization, being Yang.                                                        Mi, is Water. The Energy of Materialization, Yin.                                                                        Kami or Shin is the original Spark of Life, the Spiritual control tower of                             consciousness. "To" is a shorter version of the word Tao, the Way.

The Kototama, is the creative live energy which functions within a unique principle of Yin and Yang. It's a mistake to see Yin & Yang as separate forces.

As a creation of human subconscious. Shinto, is completely subjective and intuitive. Based on the celestial influence of the stars. It's Philosophy teaches that the age of Kannagara existed in Taka Ama Hara, the high plain of Heaven, until around fifteen thousand years ago. The world then was ruled by the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Oh Mi Kami. The Lineage of the Sun was about strict Spiritualism, and had seen the first World Civilization the time of Arahitogami, the man God's. People knew nothing of possessions, greed, or individual desire.                       


Philosophy:                                                                                                                                                  God's, first descendants to Japan, on the Mountain highland of Hida No Takayama. Indicates a migration from a larger continent, to the Islands of Japan.

The first God to descend was Nigihayami No Mikoto, Grandson of Amaterasu Oh Mi Kami. Credited for applying the spiritual principles of the Kototama to Society. 

Next came the Dynasty of Hikoho Demy, the Golden Age of Prosperity. Contemporary with great civilizations of the ancient Egypt, and the time of Summer. 

Followed by the time of Ugayafukiaezu, when the ancient Emperors toured the World, teaching the Spiritual principles of the Kototama. 

Finally around the time of Jinmu Tennon, a new celestial influence began. It was now time for the Sun God to step down, and for the God of Moon, Philosophy and Materialism to come in Power.

There was a great battle between Jinmu Tennon and Nigihayami No Mikoto, this was the beginning of the war between Spiritualism and Materialism. It created Karma, which would continue on for hundreds of generations into the future.

At the time Leaders discussed amongst themselves how the change from Spiritualism to Materialism should be used for the creation of the future, the Golden Age. They agreed, that Karma the human race would endure. It was necessary to hide the Principles of Spiritualism. If people were aware of such Principles, they would never develop the sense of competition. Which was necessary to create a materialistic society, and physical science would never develop far enough to prove the truth of Spiritual Principles. Lacking material progress the goal of creating a Utopian Society would be impossible.

When the Kototama principles where hidden thousands of years ago. Shinto, took on the forms and rituals of a religion. The Empress Amaterasu was defied as the Sun Goddess, whom held the mission of preserving the Ancient Teachings for the construction of a Golden Age. Amaterasu's brother Tsuki Yomi No Kami, was chosen to rule over the area that was to become China. He took the image of the Moon which symbolizes Philosophy and Culture, and the image of the Stars, symbolizing the development of Science and Materialism. A responsibility no one wanted. Only after much absence of Harmony was it accepted by Susa No Wo No Mikoto, the younger brother of Amaterasu.

Six centuries after the Jinmu restoration, understanding Shinto's history well. Emperor Suijin, concealed the Spiritual Principles of the Kototama at the Grand Shrine of Ise, in Japan. This event was called the Second Closing of the Rock Door of Heaven, Ame no Iwato. When the Ancient Sun God retired. People fried beans so they would never sprout again and threw them at the Emperor. Chanting "Uchi Wa Fuku, Omi Wa Soto", let the strict Goblin be cast out, and individual Freedom and Happiness come in. 

The frying of the beans meant that the strict realm of Spiritual Discipline would never rise again, and that Individual Freedom in the shape of Materialism would continue on for ever. People became competitive, self centered, and they began killing each other in masses. Leaders became superstitious, afraid of spiritual power and mighty beings. They slaughtered villages, and newborn babies. In order to avoid the birth of Saints or Spiritual Leaders. Traces of such history still remains in the stories of Moses and Jesus of Nazareth. This state of mind remains alive even today, as a mayor weakness in the Foundations of Democracy. Individual Rights, Personal Opinions, and Material Wealth are the predominant factors of Modern Society. Taking priority over Responsibility, Wisdom, Humility, and Spiritual Training. Violent anti spirituality, picked up so much momentum that the threat of complete Self Destruction was born. 

It was then when Saints and Philosophers as Buddha, Shakyumuni, Jesus of Nazareth, Lao Tzu, and Confucius came forth. To meet the needs of those in turbulent times, recognizing the great difficulty of grasping Spiritual Truth. They taught through Parables, and Symbols in order to reestablish human kinds Spiritual direction. Buddha's student Ananda asked "What is Buddhism?", the Holy One answered "It is Shimnyo, the likeness of Truth". A Zen expression states "Buddhism, is a finger pointing at the Moon". A reference to the individual sources of the Kototama, the Ultimate Reality of all Existence.

When it comes to Yin & Yang, it is a mistake to see them as Seperate Forces. Rather, they are a Spirit of a Single Force, and together they are of Pure Polarity. A Spirit, being within or of all things. Yet having no existence by themselves. Their called the Original Unborn. Yin & Yang are Infinity itself. The Source of Absolute Power, the Right and Left Hands of God. Through the laws of Yin & Yang, the Kototama continually Manifests the Material World.

Lao Tzu, wrote "Tao generates One, One generates Two, Two generates Three,  and Three generates All Things". It's also expressed as One has Two aspects, a Back and Front. Constant Dynamic Interchange between these Polar Opposites is the Continual becoming Threefold Reality of All Things.

Yin Yang, are continually born from the Oneness of Infinity, their Life Force drawn from it's Mysterious Source. Constant interchange governs the Creative Energy of the Universe and Creates the Kototama Principles, the Principles of Aiki, Universal Harmony. This principle Harmonizes all Manifestations, both visible and invisble at play in all Spiritual affairs and our daily life. The one thing that doesn't change is it's principles of change itself. Movement, Consciousness, Life and God, are different Expressions of the same Reality.

Shinto's Subconscious Intuition makes Man a Descendent of Heaven. Man and Devine Spirit, are the same. Shinto's conception of Heaven is not merely a Spacetial part of the Universe but Spacelessness, or Subjectivity. History of the World, did begin in Heaven. Originating a Subjective Center of a Divine Creative Spirit and Life Will, Expanding Objectively.

Since, Ancient Times. Amongst the people. There has always been an instinctive feeling, intuition, that all of Nature is internally grounded in. These forces are understood as the Function of Oneness. Yin & Yang's Dynamic, is the Unique Principle of Aiki. 

It can't be grasped conceptually, as One relative to Another, Subject to Object, Sun to Moon. Attempting to grasp reality through concepts alone is like a group of blind men describing an elephant, one speaks of the tail, the other of the leg, and so on while the whole escapes their sight. It's impossible to fix point where Yin ends, and Yang begins. Aiki Principles, are only known through the Elimination of Opposites.

Direct Spiritual understanding of the Age of the God's, gave way to Philosophy and Cosmology. This in turn was suceeded by Organized Religion, which steered the direction of Societies for a several thousand years. Now a days the new religion is Science. It's goal, is mere wealth and power. When the atom was split and the atomic age became reality, science tapped into the power of the Invisible World. Misuse of this power threatens the Existence of all Terrestrial Life. We have reached the time when the Universal Spiritual Principles of the Kototama must be Revealed. 






                                                                                                                              O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba.