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Sokaku  Takeda

                                                                                                                            Sokaku Takeda                                                                                                                                         The famous master of Daito Ryu, Sokaku Takeda. Would occasionally pass near the area of Shirataki. O'Sensei and Sokaku, met in the town of Engaru on February of nineteen fifteen. Through the introduction of a local newspaper man, Kotaro Yoshida. Morihei was very impressed by Takeda's Art. 

At times for nearly a month Morihei, would leave Shirataki to attend seminars given by the exceptional skilled Takeda. Which took place in Engaru, a day ride from Morihei's home on horse back.

Morihei took to heart the study of Sokaku's Art, pursuing his teacher to move into his home in Shirataki so that he could receive personal instruction. Paying large sums for the study of Daito Ryu, Inoue mentioned that Sokaku would also receive pay from Yoroku. Actually if any funds where ever needed they would be sent by Yoroku, who was in Tanabe at the time. Previously he had attempted to relocate to the northern Island to be by his son's side, but abandoned his plan to settle in Hokkaido, finding the climate and live there too harsh.

Due to the expansion of the lumber industry, Shirataki was indeed a fluorescing town. But on May twenty three nineteen seventeen, due to a fire this graceful town completely vanished. Morihei became focused on restoring Shirataki, and by the spring of nineteen eighteen, he was chosen as a member of the town's council. It was in July of this same year when Takemori, his first son was born.

Morihei and the Uyeshiba family, later minimized the study of Daito Ryu, due to a friction which eventually developed between Sokaku and Morihei. Regardless of what ever though, they where close. Records of Sokaku's students, show Morihei's signature seal. His study of Daito Ryu had began on February nineteen fifteen, till the December month of nineteen nineteen.

Morihei's name is entered eight times, a large number compared to Sokaku's other students. Indeed Morihei ,was the one to have received the most direct instruction in Daito Ryu by Takeda himself, Morihei was indeed his most skilled student.

In the late month of November in nineteen nineteen, Morihei's life suddenly came to change. He was thirty six at the time, when he received a telegram informing him that his father was ill. Greatly worried from hearing this news, he decided to leave Hokkaido in direction towards Tanabe. Hatsu, whom was pregnant at the time, was already by Yoroku's side.

Morihei's home an possessions where left to Sokaku, in appreciation for all he'd taught Morihei. Uyeshiba left Hokkaido, for obvious reasons deciding not to return. He missed his family dearly and had already gone beyond his goal. It was time to move on, closing the eight year chapter of Shirataki.                                                                                                         

                                                                                  Sokaku Takeda, of Daito Ryu AikiJujutsu.