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Takemusu Aiki

                                                                                                Takemusu Aiki                                                                                                                                    After the war Kobukan, became a refuge for over thirty families with out a home. It became impossible to continue with practice there. So the Central Head Quarters of Aikido, was transferred to Iwama.

Where O'Sensei, continued Teaching Budo. To the youth of the surrounding area. He'd continue working the land, and his life was full of great pleasure. Devoting himself to seeking the Perfection of what lived deep within his heart.

Putting a great ideal and emphasis in the Natural Love of Aikido. O'Sensei, spent the next year or so in Iwama, free from distractions of the City.

Continuing to perfect his Technique. O'Sensei, began to break through new  Spiritual depths. It was during his time in Iwama, that Takemusu Aiki came about, Aikido's highest level of Mastery.

The Believe that Budo, is the Path of Compassion, and that the task of true Bushido is to make the World fertile for Peace, and the Protection of all Life, Takemusu Aiki. Characterized by the free spontaneous execution of free form Technique.

The ideal of Takemusu Aiki, is closely linked to the Birth of all modern Aikido

His pain for the Land that had suffered such devastating destruction caused him great conflict. Spending long hours in Prayer.

O'Sensei, had reached levels of Great Spiritual Awareness. That only few have ever been able to obtain. No matter the heights of his Wisdom O'Sensei, continued with his search for the power of Truth.

Having virtually no income he'd live in extreme poverty. Yet he was vigorous with his training of the Spirit, Mind, Body, and working the Land.

After the war the Arts, started to decline for a period of time. The future of Budo, too seemed at stake. Yet O'Sensei had faith in Aikido, for he'd worked so hard with Kisshomaru to establish a place for it in Japan.

When it seemed that the confusion and chaos that existed after the war, some what begun to diminish. It was decided to transfer the Head Quarters of Aikido back to Tokyo.

On Feb. Nine Nineteen Forty Eight, the Ministry of Education. Asked permission to reestablish the Kobukan.

During this period the Kobukan, received a new name. It will be called the Uyeshiba Dojo, Central World Head Quarters of Aikido.

While establishing Aikido, it's responsibilities fell upon Kisshomaru. He was to council the existing Organization, plan out it's future progress, and it's roll amongst Japan.

Aikido's revival spread after World War II. Gaining much momentum since it's beginning back in the early Nine Teen Fifties. Largely due to the efforts of students such as Gozo Shioda, Koichi Tohei, and Kisshomaru. 

Mean while O'Sensei, would remain in Iwama. Dedicating his energy contemplating on the correct practice of the Arts.

Through out his life O'Sensei would strongly dedicate to his Art. Constantly perfecting, it's movements. at the age of Sixty Eight. He posed for a picture with Kisshomaru, one day training under a waterfall.

O'Sensei was frequently looked upon as the Most Spiritual man of Japan, and in Nineteen Fifty One, at just the age of Sixty Eight. He posed for a drawing that would represent him as a Devine Shinto Deity.

Shown as a muscular Guardian Spirit of Shinto. In possession of the Three Sacred Treasures. The Pacifying Sword, The Mirror of Enlightenment, and the belly Jewel of Perfection.   

Japan, in Nineteen Fifty Four. Was getting back on it's feet, but until that time the General Head Quarters of the American Occupation. Had prohibited all teachings of Budo.

Due to it's emphasis of World Peace, and the seekness of Truth. Aikido was allowed to reassume an active part in society, and the Uyeshiba Dojo became the Aikido Aikikai Foundation. With Kisshomaru, as it's President of Operation.

Once again activities begun, and the Teachings of Aikido spread amongst the general public. The Founder was respectfully called O'Sensei, The Great Teacher.

Living in Iwama, a life full of joy. Farming, training Budo, Praying for World Peace, and from time to time he'll visit Tokyo. At his students request, lecturing on Aikido's Principles, and the correct way of teaching Techniques.


                                                                                                                       O'Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba